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Can you imagine being able to gracefully handle both your child’s most challenging behaviour as well as their big, explosive emotions?

To gain the skill and mindset to start RIDING the waves instead of being worn out and drained by the ups and downs of daily life with kids?

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Fear of Failure and Rejection

Preview from module 2

What's Included:

  • 29 video lessons

    The course is broken down into 8 learning modules that guide you through the curated content. Each module is broken down into shorter videos, each focusing on a specific topic around empathic limit setting and handling negative emotions.

  • Workbook + Printables

    The workbook includes various exercises, journaling prompts & infographics as well as printable content that you can hang on the fridge: mantras, booklists, checklists and respectful language reminders.

  • Private Instagram Group

    You will be invited to join Respectful Mom's Private Instagram group where Kristin shares more in depth and personal content. In the group, Kristin answers direct questions from members, where content of the course is explained in the context of various family situations and family dynamics and is able to engage in ongoing friendly discussions with members.

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How Punishments Drive Bad Behaviour

Preview from module 2

Course Breakdown

MODULE 1 - Introduction: What is Respectful/Mindful Parenting?

  • Welcome
  • What is Respectful/Mindful Parenting?
  • "I lost it..." a personal story: What to do when we loose our cool
  • What we will cover in this course

MODULE 2 - The What And The Why

  • What Empathic Limits are NOT
  • What Else is There? 
  • Understanding Drivers of Challenging Behaviour

MODULE 3 - What Is Our End Goal Here?

  • What Do You Wish For Your Child?
  • Our Primary Job as Parents 
  • "People pleasers often start out as parent pleasers"
  • Why No Rewards?

MODULE 4 - Welcoming The Waves of Emotions

  • 5 Reasons Why Acknowledging Feelings is Profound
  • Handling The Meltdown: Here you see a real life video of Kristin going through a meltdown with her 2.5 y old son
  • The difference between fighting vs. riding the waves

MODULE 5 - HOW to Set Empathic Limits

  • The Sceptical Voice in Our Head: "How will they learn if they are not punished for bad behaviour?"
  • How to Set Empathic Limits: Step-by-step
  • Reacting vs. Responding
  • Understanding what is age appropriate
  • Natural Consequences

MODULE 6 - WHAT Limits to Set

  • General vs. circumstantial rules
  • The Three Non-Negotiables
  • What we can NOT control: Handling children screaming/yelling, potty training, meal times
  • Modelling

MODULE 7 - It All Starts And Ends With Us

  • Self-Work is the Most Important Work
  • Working Through Our Triggers: "Where are my reactions coming from?"
  • The Half-Smile trick
  • Radical Reframe
  • Thank you

MODULE 8 - Q and A

  • Answering common questions from parents

Watch Intro Video

Parenting Ourselves Instead of Our children

Preview from module 1

Answering common questions

  • For what age is this course relevant for?

    The course is designed with 0 -7 y old children in mind.

  • When do I get access to the course?

    The course officially launches June 1st and that's when the course content will become available for everyone who signed up during pre-launch.

  • Is the course self-paced?

    Yes, it's designed to be totally self-paced so you don't have to worry about deadlines or following a schedule.

  • Will I have life long access to the course?

    Yes! once you purchase it, you own it for life.

  • Is it possible to split payments?

    Yes, there are instillments options.

  • How long are the video lessons in the course?

    Each module is broken down into 3-6 shorter videos/lesson. Each video can be anything from 6-20 min long, depending on what topic is being covered.

  • Can I share the videos with friends and family?

    The course is meant to be for private use only. But I would encourage you and your partner to watch together as well as other members of your child's intimate caregiving team, such as grandparents/nanny/older sibling etc.